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Engineer Hiring Information for 2025 Graduates

Sansan's Mission and Vision


Turning encounters into innovation


Become business infrastructure

Our Services

The sales DX solution

Sansan is a cloud-based contact management tool for corporations. Centered around business cards, Sansan enables you to effortlessly build a complete contact database, accessible anywhere.

Cloud-based invoice management solution

Bill One is a cloud-based solution that receives and digitizes all invoices, accelerating company-wide invoice management.

Business card app

Eight is a business card app enabling new connections to be made at a touch. With automatic updates and notifications about your contacts’ career movements, it’s the smart way to stay on top of your professional network.

The contract DX solution

Contract One is an innovative, digitally transforming solution for accurately digitizing any contract so that all company users can leverage the contract information.

Recruitment Process

Step 1

Document screening

Selection is made based on the documents received in the application.
Step 2

Coding test

To assess current engineering skills.
Step 3

First & second interviews

Key points for each:
  • 1st round: Technical abilities
  • 2nd round: Thinking ability
Step 4

Third & final interviews

The final interviews are to see if Sansan’s future direction and that of the applicant are a good match.
*Because they’re conducted in person, the number will vary depending on if the candidate is in Japan or overseas.


Here are some examples of the benefits that full-time employees can receive. Most have monthly/annual limits per employee.
Relocation support
Communication support
  • Japanese language study (after joining the company)
  • Translation and interpretation are available
  • Active English-speaking employee community within the company
  • Culture and language exchange events
Relocation support
  • Visa sponsorship
  • Flight tickets
  • Fully furnished apartment for the first 1 month
  • Partnership with an English-friendly real estate agency
  • City office and bank account opening assistance
Subsidy to help recent graduates start their new life when they move to an area near their place of work upon joining (for new graduates only).
Know Me
Company-subsidized eating/drinking out for colleagues in different teams.
Geek Seek
The company will pay for work-related books, hardware, and software requested.
  • Only for engineering, R&D, and creative positions
Company-subsidized rent for employees living within 2 train stops of Omotesando or Shibuya stations.
Weekdays can be taken off in exchange for working on weekends/holidays.
This plan provides subsidies for various services that support staff with children up to the sixth grade of elementary school in balancing work and childrearing.
Charge Leave
3 consecutive paid days off between July and October (in addition to paid holiday allowance).

Working Environment

Head office moving to Shibuya Sakura Stage Shibuya Tower

The head office will be relocated to the Shibuya Sakura Stage Shibuya Tower, which is directly connected to JR Shibuya Station, by July 2024.


Is there a dress code for interview(s)?
Feel free to wear whatever you like. Interviewers are also welcomed to dress casually. There are also no requirements on what to bring. Bring a pen/pencil and notepad if you want to take notes.
What is the selection process? How long does it take?
The normal course (may be subject to change) is document screening → interview and coding test → informal offer. Selection averages about 1 month, but can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis.
Is remote work an option?
Yes, our system does allow remote work. But we also understand the importance of face-to-face communication, so we offer engineers and creative staff the option of coming to work once a week or three times a week.
What sort of efforts do you have for promoting internal communication?
Our various initiatives include the Know Me program that subsidizes dinner for groups of three members from different departments; the Yoriai program that provides free drinks (including alcohol) and snacks after work; and Yoiko, an in-house system where employees plan and carry out group activities aimed at community development.
Are there any programs to support learning technological skills?
Our Geek Seek program subsidizes expenses related to skills development and working more efficiently for members in engineering, R&D, and creative positions. This includes purchase of specialized books on technology, design, etc., online learning, acquiring qualifications, and examination fees for qualifications; purchase of hardware and software useful toward improving expertise and work efficiency; purchase of a new personal smartphone once a year to keep up with the latest technology (for some members); and costs of social gatherings when in-house study groups are held.
I've applied to Sansan in the past. Can I apply again?
You can reapply for the same position only after 6 months have passed since your last application. You can apply for a different position at any time.

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With its mission of “Turning encounters into innovation,” Sansan provides its namesake Sansan B2B service powering digital transformation in companies, the Eight business card app for individual professionals, Bill One for cloud-based invoice handling and management, and Contract One for cloud-based contract management.

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