Careers at Sansan Engineering Division(Sansan Global Development Center, Inc.)

Sansan's Mission and Vision


Turning encounters into innovation


Become business infrastructure



Sansan's Main Services

The Sales DX Solution “Sansan”

Sansan digitally transforms sales. The combined forces of an unparalleled corporate database and a company's contact database let users uncover hidden business opportunities.

Contact and Career Management App “Eight”

Eight is a personal business networking application centered on contacts and career management.

Cloud-Based Invoice Management Solution ”Bill One”

Bill One is a cloud-based solution that receives and digitizes all invoices, accelerating company-wide invoice management.

The contract DX solution ”Contract One

Contract One is our cloud-based contract management solution. It centralizes the management of contracts in paper and electronic formats, simultaneously improving eciency and managing risk, based on the concept of “Digitally transform your contract management to reduce risk.”


About Sansan Engineering Division

In 2021, we decided to make a big change to the organizational structure. We've abolished the structure of having divisions separated by each product, like Sansan Division and Eight Division which had been in place since the company's founding, and developed a Multi-product team structure. Under the new multi-product structure, all sales and marketing members of each product will now be in the Business Division, while the engineers involved in product development and the R&D, which is the data management team, will be in the Engineering Division.
Approximately 30% of our employees are engineers, and the Engineering Division has over 300 engineers and R&D staff combined.

Engineering Division's Statement

Boldness and honesty. With a spirit of challenge, we hone our skills every day.
Imagination and creation. We create from the user's perspective.
Speed and quality. We deliver the best service in the shortest possible time.
We take things that seem in opposition, and use them in new ways, as we move forward. Always aiming for infrastructure indispensable for business.
Addressing challenges fully. Aiming to turn common sense on its head. Right now, people are meeting people, companies meeting companies. There are countless opportunities to change business. As long as these encounters happen, there is so much we can do.

Shaping the possibilities. Engineering Division


Recruitment Process


First Interview

  • Company Profile
  • Products & Services
  • Technology Stack
  • Sansan Engineering Way of Working
(Lead time: 3 Days)

Coding Examination

  • Test of Logic
Note: Not entirely the basis for hiring decision
(Lead Time: 5-7 Days)

Second Interview

  • Culture Fitting, Technical and Soft/Business Skills
(Lead Time: 2 Days)

Third & Final Interview

  • Technical (covers coding exam results) and Soft/Business Skills
(Lead Time: 2 Days)
*** Coding examination and 2nd interview will run in parallel. If passed all interviews, another 2 days job offer deliberation. Then 1 day for job offer presentation. Total 15 days E2E recruitment process.

Executive officers Interview


Member Interview



Bill One - tech stack

CategoryTechnology Stack
Programming Language / Library etc.Frontend HTML, CSS, TypeScript, React.js
Backend Kotlin、Ktor
Other Docker, Cloud Build
InfrastructureGCP(Cloud Run、Cloud Functions、Cloud Tasks etc.)
DatabaseCloud SQL(PostgreSQL)
MonitoringCloud Logging, Sentry
CICloud Build
Code ManagementGitHub

Working environment




Recruitment & Work style and environment

I've applied for this company in the past. Will I be eligible to apply again?
Yes. We look forward to receiving your application regardless of the selection period or job position.
Can I apply for multiple positions at once?
Yes. If you wish, we can arrange to do the selection process for multiple positions simultaneously.
I want to know more about your selection process. Also, how long is the process itself?
The selection process will go from resume screening to interviews (usually three), then job offer.
After you receive a job offer, we'd like to have another meeting with you to talk over the details of the offer.
Usually, the selection process will take about one month, but if you have any preferences, please let us know and we will try to make arrangements.
Can I proceed with the selection process online?
Yes. Depending on your preference, we will make the arrangement online or offline.
What kind of support will I get after I join the company or during the onboarding program?
You will participate in our company-wide onboarding program for the first five days. After you finish this program, you will get on board at your assigned department.

With its mission of “Turning encounters into innovation,” Sansan provides its namesake Sansan B2B service powering digital transformation in companies, the Eight career management app for individual professionals, Bill One for cloud-based invoice handling and management, and Contract One for cloud-based contract management.